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Wenzhou Snda Machinery Co., Ltd, over 20 Years-China honeycomb paper making machine, honeycomb paper die cutting machine,honeycomb paper forming machine,Paper honeycomb machine,honeycomb paper machine manufacturer and solution supplier.

We are a professional packing paper, wrapping paper machinery manufacturer.Products include the honeycomb paper forming machine,Kraft Honeycomb paper cutting machine,Kraft Honeycomb paper making machine,Kraft Honeycomb paper die cutting machine,honeycomb paper cushion making machine,honeycomb paper cushion die cutting machine,honeycomb paper cushion forming machine,honeycomb paper cushion machine,honeycomb paper machine,paper honeycomb machine.

We also got ISO9001:2000 Certificate in 2005 and CE Certificate in 2006. Our machines are being used in Southeast Asian, Africa,Mid-east, South America,USA and European markets where the buyers all give good feedback on the above machines.



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