Honeycomb carton and honeycomb cardboard

Honeycomb carton and honeycomb cardboard

Honeycomb paper structure material is a rising star among paper materials and has become a hot spot of people's attention. As a branch industry in the packaging industry, it has unique advantages and personalities. As the main substitute for wood materials, EPS foamed plastics and other materials, bee

The nested paper structure material has significant social and economic benefits, and conforms to the national macro policy, environmental protection policy, circular economy policy and industrial development direction. With its unique performance, it will become the mainstream of packaging materials for my country's electronic information industry products and other industrial products.

In international trade, new technical barriers, green barriers and other non-tariff barriers are increasing day by day, among which green trade barriers are becoming more and more insurmountable obstacles. The honeycomb packaging material is made of high-strength Helisheng honeycomb paper core cemented surface paper

It can be used to replace wood packaging and EPS cushioning materials. It is a new green packaging material that saves wood resources, protects the ecological environment, and is low-cost. It is light and strong. , Gang, stable

The four advantages reflect a brand-new packaging concept. Low-carbon is a fashion, low-carbon is a social responsibility of enterprises, and low-carbon is human self-help. The low-carbon economy, as a reshaping of people’s lifestyles, consumption patterns, and business production and operation models, means that people in the energy, construction, IT, transportation and other industries, from the management, technology and other aspects of the

Break exploration.

With the increasing demand for environmental protection, consumers have higher and higher requirements for cushioning packaging materials. The serious environmental pollution problem has made environmentally friendly packaging materials widely used. Because honeycomb paperboard has a reasonable structure, light weight and strength The advantages of high, sound absorption, heat insulation, and non-polluting have become the endorsement of "in line with the modern environmental protection trend" and quickly became popular in major markets. It can be described as broad prospects and unique scenery. However, as the market continues to develop , How to explore the development of honeycomb paperboard industry is still a question worth pondering.

Honeycomb cardboard is a new type of packaging material with high strength, high elasticity, heavy load-bearing capacity, low cost, and recyclability. It is much better than traditional paper packaging boxes and wooden packaging boxes in terms of protecting packaging items and reducing packaging costs. An ideal product to replace traditional packaging materials. Its structure determines its characteristics, that is, light weight, uniform compression, compression resistance, bending resistance, high shear strength, good cushioning and vibration isolation performance, low cost, easy recovery, renewable, and it is a green, Energy-saving, environmentally friendly, high-tech new packaging materials. Honeycomb paperboard involves all walks of life, from small motors to large aircraft engines. It can be packaged in honeycomb paperboard, especially in the field of packaging and construction. It is the general trend to replace plastic with paper and wood with paper, and its prospects Benefits are widely expected, and the development of paper honeycomb products in my country is an inevitable trend.



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