Mechanical Properties of honeycomb paper

Mechanical Properties of honeycomb paper

(1) The paper honeycomb panel has the mechanical properties similar to the foamed plastic, which has significant viscosity and plasticity, is an excellent green buffer packaging material; 

(2) the flat pressure strength of the paper honeycomb plate with aperture The paper honeycomb board is capped to reduce the buffer coefficient, improve the buffer performance, and the stack increases the flat pressure strength and improves impact resistance. As a material, the paper honeycomb is designed to be designed to make different structures according to the product packaging needs, thereby achieving the necessary buffer. 

Processing performance 

(1) The mold cuts with the structure characteristics of the product itself, and the die is cut to better fit the product profile. 

(2) The preload is deformed by the preload, so that the paper constituting the honeycomb hole wall is deformed, thereby reducing the flat pressing strength of the paper honeycomb board and increasing its buffering performance. 

(3) The bonded paper material has good viscosity, and good bonds can be achieved with plastics, paper, wood, metal, and the like. 

(4) The indentation of the corrugated bending paper can also be indentations like corrugated cardboards to change their folding direction. This approach is achieved by a partial crush of the paper honeycomb board. It also has a bending method that removes excess of the excess of the bending portion, and then bonds the needed shape with the binder. This approach is enriched in the shape of the outer shape, but the processing accuracy and detail requirements are high. The above characteristics provide a certain guiding role in the application range of paper honeycomb boards, buffering thickness and structural design. When designing the paper honeycomb buffer, if it is used, it can effectively improve the buffering ability of the liner, which avoids its unfavorable factors, but also simplifies the structure, reducing the design material cost.



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