Our newest multi-lane pre-opened bag making machine

Currently we developed our multi lane pre-opened bag making machine,one big width roll can be feeding to our bag machine and get more finished bag in roll such as 2 roll,3 roll and 4 rolls.

About the bigger width roll feeding,because usually customer have only one big width sheet film available after they get from printing machine,so this require our pre-opened bag on a roll making machine to form the sheet film to tube film first,then feed to our pre-opened bag converting machine to make bag in tube shape.So we add one side sealing blade onto the A frame folding part.But another question comes from customers is that they has new special requirement,if they want to make smaller width bag finished such as 5cm-12cm,shall they only have idea to feed such small width film?The answer is:No need.Because if do this,it will be problem for them and also take time for them to get such small width by slitting machine separately.So base on these questions,we have new idea to design 4 up multi-lane pre-opened poly bag on roll making machine,but feeding roll is still one big sheet film,this new technology solve customer problem easily.

About this new design 4 lines pre-opened bag making machine,most important is we add more heat sealing and slitting blade to make feeding mother roll to several small width tube first after they are folded by A frame, then by these small width tube,we do punching,sealing,perforation cutting and pre-open synchronously,finally we can get 1-4 rolls finished and rewinding to 1-4 shaft.This solution make our customer get much higher capacity on making small width bag by only one machine rather than one machine make one channel only or have to buy more sets bigger model machines to make smaller bag.Anyway,this design is better choice for the small bag making only.If make bigger width bag,our zig-zag folding pre-opened bag making machine and fanfold pre-opened bag on roll machine will be better choice.



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