Paper honeycomb composite board

Paper honeycomb composite board, as an energy-saving product using paper instead of wood, has shown great vitality in the market. With the increasing lack of timber resources in our country and the development of frame light board construction system, the market prospects of paper honeycomb composite boards with excellent performance are more broad. In terms of national policies, the state has vigorously supported light-weight energy-saving building materials such as paper honeycomb composite panels and established special agencies to promote them. The low cost of paper honeycomb composite panel and its ease of surface decoration of multiple varieties and grades make it a strong competitive advantage compared to other light building materials. Paper honeycomb composite panel has become a new and widely used light building material Will be the general trend.
The strong contrast between the actual production capacity and the huge market demand has made the rapid development of paper honeycomb composite panels in my country will continue for a long period of time, providing an excellent opportunity for investment in paper honeycomb composite panels.
Honeycomb composite material is a green engineering project that replaces wood with paper. Its excellent mechanical properties, light weight and high strength have attracted people's attention. Developed countries have widely used this material in packaging, building materials, furniture and other fields. Honeycomb composite materials It was originally an aviation high-tech product, mainly used in the aircraft manufacturing industry. With the advancement of science and technology, it has now been converted to civilian use. There are two types of cellular equipment in my country, imported and domestic, with millions of investments, high power consumption, complex technology, high cost, and low return on investment. Compared with this, the patented technology has low investment and low power consumption. The original carton factory and plywood factory equipment can be used to produce honeycomb composite materials of the same quality with an investment of tens of thousands of yuan. Through this project, we can completely replace wood with paper to produce large, medium and small packaging boxes, pallets, and decorative panels of various fabrics.
Analysis result
The development and production of honeycomb paper products are timely and necessary, and the technical solutions are advanced and feasible. In the future, it is necessary to continue to invest and expand large-scale production. At the same time, develop terminal applications and commercial automation equipment for the commercial market to meet the needs of Beijing and the whole country, and contribute to the construction of a modern city.
With the development of the packaging industry, the four pillars of modern commodity packaging materials-paper, plastic, metal, glass, etc., have developed rapidly. Among the four packaging materials, the output of paper products has grown the fastest, and the proportion is also biggest. Paper packaging containers have the advantages of low cost, resource saving, good mechanical processing performance, adaptability to high-mechanization mass production, easy printing, non-toxic and harmless in use, and easy recycling. Therefore, in the field of commodity circulation, whether it is used for transportation Packaging corrugated boxes, cartons, paper bags, or composite packaging materials based on cardboard, which are used for sales packaging, rank first among all kinds of packaging materials. Under the current international situation of energy saving and environmental pollution prevention and control, pollution-free and pollution-free "green packaging" is quietly emerging all over the world, which can not only meet the requirements of ventilation, moisture resistance, earthquake resistance, and compression resistance, but also facilitate recycling and use. Compared with the three major packaging materials of plastic, glass and metal, paper packaging materials that do not cause environmental pollution will undoubtedly have broader development prospects.



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