Paper honeycomb material

Paper honeycomb material
1. Prospects
Developed countries have banned the use of wooden packaging boxes, because wood has parasitic eggs that can easily spread insect pests and destroy the ecological balance; and the old-style packaging boxes have low strength and high damage rate. Therefore, the honeycomb composite material has a broad market prospect, low investment, low cost, and effective Fast is the best choice for enterprises to switch production and develop new products, especially for large, medium and small township enterprises.
To sum up, "corrugated honeycomb paperboard", because the structure makes full use of the mechanical principle of multi-directional support, the high-strength corrugated paperboard is deformed and arranged through a unique process and is integrated and formed with the best mechanical structure. The six sides of the packaging box made of high-strength corrugated cardboard form a strong tubular matrix, which can resist pressure and collision from the six sides in all directions, and can effectively prevent damage to the contents of the box, especially if the packaging is large in size. The products and fragile products that are afraid of pressure can better reflect its advantages. As the "reinforced sandwich corrugated board" is an all-paper packaging product, it has the advantages of light weight, high strength, and good cushioning performance. It can effectively replace foamed plastic as a liner and support block for product packaging to prevent external forces from affecting the packaging. The oppression and collision of items can avoid the problems of collapse, environmental protection, and epidemics encountered when products are exported. Because the "honeycomb paper products cardboard and corresponding materials" make full use of the principle of mechanical structure, compared with traditional corrugated cardboard under the same strength requirements, the production cost is lower.
2. Application field of paper honeycomb composite board
The paper honeycomb composite board has excellent performance at the same time. The cost of the product has been greatly reduced, and it has been widely used in construction, decoration, furniture, transportation, packaging and other industries, making paper honeycomb and its various products an important new construction, decoration and structural material . In foreign countries, the paper honeycomb composite material has become an important new type of composite material that protects the environment after its development in the 1960s and 1970s. For example, the annual denier of paper honeycomb composite materials in the United States is as high as 60 million square meters per year, and the development of this new type of material in my country. The application is just in its infancy and has broad prospects.
Application industries include:
1. achitechive
The construction industry is the largest application field of paper honeycomb composite panels, which are mainly used to process doors, partition walls, suspended ceilings, wall skirts, floors, wall panels, mobile houses, open office partitions, etc. Paper honeycomb door panels have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good sound insulation, fast forming speed, and low cost. After being introduced to the market, they are well received by users and have gradually become an important new type of residential door. In the frame light board building system, the partition wall and the enclosing wall adopt paper honeycomb panels in a large area, which can greatly increase the effective housing area, improve the seismic performance of the building, reduce the weight of the main body, reduce the overall cost, improve the working conditions, and shorten the construction period , To promote the prefabrication, assembly and mechanization of building construction, so that the advantages of the frame light board building system are more prominent, and it also adapts to the trend of modern architecture. It is foreseeable that with the rapid development of new wall materials and frame buildings in China, honeycomb composite panels will be widely used in this field.
2. Furniture industry
Paper honeycomb composite panels can be used to make all kinds of panel furniture, such as writing desks, desks, wall cabinets, cabinets, bed panels, etc., which not only simplify the structure of the product, improve the overall performance, and reduce the cost, but also save a lot of wood and improve Work efficiency, at the same time, it has the characteristics of moisture, fire resistance, non-deformation, and good rigidity. It is also suitable for general civilian furniture.
3. Transportation industry
In the transportation industry, wood products and wood-based panels are mainly used in passenger cars and passenger ships, but the disadvantages are heavy weight, flammability, and corrosion. On large ships, fire and heat insulation must be required, and paper honeycomb panels are one of the ideal alternative materials. The performance of the fire-resistant paper-bee composite board reaches the national fire-resistant and flame-retardant B1 level, which can be used to make partitions, doors, cabins, decks and decorative panels in vehicles
4. package
The paper honeycomb composite board has excellent mechanical properties and absorption capacity, good formability, low cost, and non-polluting characteristics, making it occupy a prominent position in the packaging field. It can be widely used in precision machine tools, instruments, tools, home appliances, and electronics. And the packaging and turnover storage and transportation of computer products, auto parts, glass, etc., and can also be used for food packaging and gap filling during packaging. In the U.S. The paper honeycomb used for packaging is as high as 50,000 tons (approximately 40-60 million square meters of 20-30mm thick stretched core material) each year, which is called a green packaging box. In my country, the use of paper honeycombs for packaging is almost a blank, and it is a potential market that needs to be developed urgently to benefit the country and the people.



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