The application of paper honeycomb packaging products

The application of paper honeycomb packaging products in transportation packaging mainly includes two aspects: pallets, paper honeycomb containers

The design of paper honeycomb packaging products mainly starts from two aspects: first, the appropriate selection and matching of materials; second, the appropriate and reasonable design of the structure.

Therefore, when designing the structure of honeycomb buffer products, the main work is to make use of strengths and avoid weaknesses, innovate packaging solutions, optimize structure, and achieve the perfect combination of functionality and service.

First, the application of paper honeycomb pallets in transportation packaging

Pallets are an important tool in modern industrial and commercial production, transportation, storage and packaging.  According to the purpose, pallets can be divided into disposable pallets, general pallets for joint transportation, and internal short-distance storage and transportation pallets in warehouses and freight yards.  3 kinds of trays.  Among them, flat trays are currently the most widely used.  According to different operating requirements and standards, flat pallets can also be divided into single-sided, double-sided, two-way fork and four-way fork and other types.

Pallets play an extremely important role in modern logistics and are the basic tools for realizing modern logistics.  The pallet can place items of different sizes on it to form a standardized cargo unit, which can be assembled by a forklift
Unit operation, so the pallet is an important tool for mechanization of loading and unloading.  In all aspects of logistics, handling is the most difficult part to realize mechanization, and its operation form is very complicated.  The combination of forklifts and pallets has appeared, and the possibility of handling mechanization has been realized.

In the whole process of the operation of the logistics system, the pallet must be matched with the related equipment.  In automatic warehouses or other shelf warehouses, it is necessary to use pallets for operations, loading and unloading pallets on shelves, so the specifications and dimensions of pallets and shelves must be related accordingly.  Using pallets to load and unload goods into containers can improve work efficiency. Now there are small forklifts specially designed to load pallets into containers. The size of the pallets and the inner width of the container should also match.  Therefore, the role of pallets in the logistics system is irreplaceable.  The specifications of a country's logistics system are coordinated and uncoordinated, the utilization rate of various equipment is high or not, and how the specifications are formulated, it is very important to take the pallet as a benchmark, or consider the factors of the pallet.

Honeycomb pallets are mainly designed and developed for wooden pallets, aiming to reduce the consumption of forest resources.  For products with small self-weight, it is enough to directly use paper honeycomb panels to make honeycomb trays. Its structure and materials are relatively simple. Generally, it is a single-layer panel with bottom feet, which can bear the weight of tens to hundreds of kilograms.  For products with larger self-weight, it is necessary to stack paper honeycomb panels,
And the combination with other materials (such as corrugated cardboard, laminates, plastic parts, paper-shaped steel) to carry out excellent structural design to achieve its carrying capacity.



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