2021 kraft paper packaging industry market prospects and analysis

2021 kraft paper packaging industry market prospects and current situation analysis
Different sources of kraft paper raw materials, different production batches, different production seasons, different production machines, etc. Many reasons will affect the color of the kraft paper roll base paper. This difference in color is difficult to avoid and cannot be controlled. , Generally, the same batch of kraft paper can guarantee 98% color consistency. Kraft paper printing can use flexo, gravure, offset, and screen printing processes. As long as you are proficient in the essentials of printing technology, familiar with the printability of printing inks and kraft paper, reasonably select and deploy inks, and control equipment parameters, you can get the best quality results. . Kraft paper usually maintains its yellowish-brown color and is suitable for bags and wrapping paper. Depending on the nature and use, kraft paper has various uses. Kraft paper is a collective name for a kind of paper, and there is no certain standard, and it is generally classified according to its nature and use.
According to the Research Report of China's Kraft Paper Industry in-depth Investigation and Investment Prospect Forecast from 2020 to 2025 by Academia Sinica
2021 kraft paper packaging industry market prospects and current situation analysis
Kraftpaper is used as packaging material. The intensity is high. Usually yellowish brown. Semi-bleached or fully bleached kraft pulp is light brown, cream or white. Quantitative 80~120g/m2. The fracture length is generally above 6000m. The tear strength, rupture work and dynamic strength are high. Mostly roll paper, but also flat paper. Using kraft softwood pulp as raw material, it is made by beating on a Fourdrinier paper machine. It can be used as cement bag paper, envelope paper, glue sealing paper, asphalt paper, cable protection paper, insulation paper, etc.
Food packaging must follow the principles of convenience and portability. The tensile strength of kraft paper makes it very suitable for packaging needs. In order to prevent the bag from being pulled off when consumers carry out food, the packaging material is required to have good tensile strength. Beverage packaging requires a certain degree of resistance to moisture and non-deformation of the materials to prevent deformation and damage due to water absorption. For the packaging of frozen food, the use of high-strength materials as packaging is also the key consideration. This material must be able to withstand the thermal expansion and contraction during low-temperature freezing and high-temperature melting, and prevent deformation, distortion, wrinkling, and excessive moisture absorption. The condition of the food. From these aspects, the original color kraft paper is even more suitable than SBS paper.
With the strengthening of environmental protection awareness, the consumption of kraft paper as an environmentally friendly paper for natural color pulp products has been increasing year by year, and the market prospect is promising. Exquisite kraft paper is suitable for packaging of various high-end commodities, such as gift boxes for wine boxes, sportswear, etc.; archives, such as culture, education, hygiene, and file preservation of enterprises and institutions; standard envelopes, such as common postal special seals; can also be processed for shopping Bags, such as shopping bags commonly found in shopping malls and brand stores, or noodle paper used in cardboard boxes. When autoclaving the microbial culture medium, use moisture-proof paper or kraft paper to wrap the cotton plug of the test tube with the nozzle upward to prevent the cotton plug from getting wet during sterilization. Kraft paper is used because it can effectively waterproof and ensure that the test tube is not wet.
As the largest specialty paper market in Western Europe, sales are expected to exceed 10 million by 2027, followed by North America and Asia Pacific (APEJ) except Japan. However, APEJ is the fastest growing market in the global specialty paper market, with an estimated compound annual growth rate of 6.7%, followed by Japan and Eastern Europe. The market value of North America will occupy the highest share.
By the end of 2027, kraft paper will become the most popular product. Various special special papers have a wide range of uses, such as decorative paper, thermal paper, label paper, carbonless paper, release paper and kraft paper, which will effectively promote the special paper market. increase. The FMI report shows that kraft paper will become the most attractive product on the market, followed by decorative paper and label paper. By 2027, the sales volume of kraft paper will reach 10,582,700. It is estimated that until 2027, the compound annual growth rate of decorative paper and label paper will be 5.7% and 5.4%, respectively.
The kraft paper industry research report mainly analyzes the market scale of the kraft paper industry, the supply and demand status of the kraft paper market, the competition status of the kraft paper market, the operation of the main kraft paper companies, and the market share of the major kraft paper companies. At the same time, it makes scientific research on the future development of the kraft paper industry prediction. Relying on years of industry research experience, Zhongyan Puhua has summarized complete industry research methods, established a complete industry research system, and provided industry research report series with the most extensive research coverage, the most powerful data resources, and the most profound market research. The report is based on the company’s many years of research conclusions, combined with the development status of the Chinese industry market, through the company’s senior research team to sort out and analyze various types of market information, and rely on the national authoritative data resources and the long-term market monitoring database of China Research and Puhua to conduct a comprehensive , Careful research is the most authoritative and effective research product in the Chinese market. The kraft paper industry research report can help investors reasonably analyze the current market situation of the industry, make predictions on the industry prospects for investors to make investments, tap investment value, and put forward suggestions on industry investment strategies, production strategies, and marketing strategies.



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