The future development trend of green packaging

The future development trend of green packaging
Because of the irreversible environmental pollution caused by the use of plastics, more and more countries have joined the plastic restriction industry. In China, although the "plastic restriction order" was implemented in 2008, with the rise of the Internet economy, the old version The “plastic limit order” of China continues to encounter new problems, and the effect is greatly reduced. Therefore, the introduction of the new version of the "plastic limit order" has received wider expectations.
How big is plastic consumption in my country and how difficult is it to recycle?
Along with the new business forms of the Internet, there is a large amount of plastic consumption.
The rapid growth of e-commerce express delivery and the rapid development of online meal ordering are industries that consume a lot of plastic. These industries consume tens of billions of plastics every year, and it is difficult to look back and use these plastics again.
Plastic products are used on a large scale, but the virtuous cycle of recycling has not kept up.
"Higher recycling rate of packaging waste is a prerequisite for the continued development of packaging products." Ma Zhanfeng, vice chairman of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, said that although plastic products have enriched packaging applications in terms of material reduction and functional diversification. , But its vicious circle of inability to recover and treat is unexpected.
Under this trend, new packaging materials have emerged. Our common kraft paper, as a traditional renewable packaging, has always played an indispensable role in the packaging field. Through in-depth research and development of kraft paper, we propose a new type of green packaging-buffer kraft paper pad that uses environmentally friendly kraft paper as the packaging material. The kraft pad uses three layers of special kraft paper and is produced by special equipment to achieve a buffer kraft paper pad that can be filled and buffered. The kraft paper pad has excellent performance, flexible use, recyclable and degradable.



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