Green packaging material

Green Package, also known as pollution-free packaging and Environmental Friendly Package, refers to packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be reused and regenerated, and is in line with sustainable development.  Green packaging materials are the packaging materials that we produce, manufacture, use and recycle, which are harmless to human health, have a good protective effect on the ecological environment and are recycled and reused.
Such as polypropylene, corrugated paper, edible rice paper, corn paper, edible recycled cling paper and our daily
Paper packaging and paper handbags, paper cups, paper lunch boxes, etc.  In short soluble or aggregated various protective ecologically degradable
Plastic product packaging and its raw materials, etc.  Degradable plastic product packaging is degraded with photosensitizer, polymerized with biological or chemical
Chemical degradation of various plastic products and other packaging items.
The new green packaging materials (degradable materials) that are vigorously researched and developed around the world are all proposed for the difficult-to-treat white pollution.  Therefore, green packaging materials can be roughly divided into three categories according to environmental protection requirements and the attribution of materials after use: First, materials that can be recycled and processed.  Including paper, cardboard materials, molded pulp materials, metal materials, glass materials, general linear polymer materials (plastics, fibers), and degradable polymer materials.
The second is materials that can be naturally weathered and returned to nature.  include: 
1. Paper product materials (paper, cardboard, molded pulp materials)
2 Various degradable materials (photodegradation, biodegradation, oxygen degradation, light/oxygen degradation, water degradation) and biosynthetic materials, grass, straw filling, shell filling, natural fiber filling materials, etc.:
3 Edible materials.
The third is quasi-green packaging materials that can be recycled and incinerated, do not pollute the atmosphere and can be recycled.  Including some linear polymers that cannot be recycled, reticulated polymer materials, and some composite materials



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