Packaging materials and application examples

Packaging materials refer to manufacturing packaging containers and packaging transport, packaging, packaging printing, packaging auxiliary materials, and bags
General title for the material.
 According to the material material, it can be divided into plastics, paper and cardboard, glass, metal and composite materials.
 According to the soft and hard properties of the material, it can be divided into soft packaging materials (such as paper, aluminum foil, natural fiber, etc.), semi-hard packaging materials (such as tiles)
Cardboard, plastic, etc.), hard packaging materials such as metals, hard plastics, glass, etc.). According to the source of material, it can be divided into natural bags.
Material and processing packaging materials.
According to the main supplement of the material, it can be divided into major packaging materials and auxiliary packaging materials (such as decorating inks for packaging.
And binders for making paper containers and coating in packaging, etc.)
First, wrapping paper and cardboard
 The main components of packaging paper include:
1. Chemical composition of plant fiber raw materials
2. Additive during papermaking
Main chemical composition of plant fiber raw materials:
Cellulose is the main component of plants and trees cell walls, and the molecular formula of cellulose is (C6H10O5) N
About 30% to 60% in the papermaking raw materials. Cellulose should be reserved as much as possible during the pulping process, to improve paper
The pulp ratio and paper strength.
Half cellulose is a general title of all carbohydrates other than cellulose, accounting for 10% to 30% of raw materials.
In the fibers contain more hemicellulose, it is easy to hydrate during process treatment prior to paper.
After the paper, it is intertwined to each other and improve the mechanical strength of the paper. It is advantageous to retain appropriate hemicellulose to increase the absorbency, opacity and gasulge of paper.
(3) Lignin
Lignin is also one of the composition of plant fibers, accounting for raw materials.
10% ~ 30%, lignogenic effects between fibroblasts. Therefore, in the papermaking process, the lignin is removed by the cooking treatment of the base liquid or the acid, and the cellulose is separated. Because lignin is present in the paper, the role of the sunlight will become brown substance, which makes the color of the paper, and deteriorate. Appropriate retention of lignin can make the paper have a certain degree.
What is the characteristic of paper packaging materials:
(1) Good printing, good adsorption ink, ink, ink, well, can print a fine pattern.
(2) Good processing performance, can easily cover the paper, supernight, hot printing, etc., is also easy
Cutting, molding, etc.
(3) The cost is less expensive.
(4) Light weight and easy to transport.



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