Types and application areas of packaging paper and cardboard.

Classification of packaging paper:
1. Paper bag paper is used to make paper bags for the packaging of cement, fertilizers, pesticides, etc., so it is also called cement bag paper.
2. Kraft paper is used for packaging industrial products, mainly cotton wool silk textiles, Wujinjiaodian products, instruments, meters and various small
Kraft paper is also often used as the noodles, hanging linings of paper boxes, and the production of file bags and paper bags that require firmness. Also used as sandpaper
The base paper.
3. Chicken skin paper is mainly suitable for the packaging of food and industrial products. 4. Parchment paper and imitation parchment paper
1) Parchment paper is also called plant sheepskin
High-quality packaging paper for paper. It is mainly used for packaging chemical drugs, instruments, mechanical parts, oily food, etc.
2) Imitation sheepskin
Paper is a kind of greaseproof paper. It is used to package food, medicine, grease products, and mechanical products that contain a lot of grease.
Infiltration packaging.
5. Cellophane is suitable for transparent and beautifying packaging of medicines, food, textiles, cosmetics and other commodities, and can be used as transparent glue
Bring the original paper.
Six, food packaging paper is divided into three types according to the type of food packaged:
Type Ⅰ Food Wrapping Paper
Candy packaging base paper, type Ⅱ food packaging paper
Popsicle wrapping paper base paper, type Ⅲ food wrapping paper
Ordinary food wrapping paper
Tissue wrapping paper is divided into three types according to its purpose:
Type Ⅰ is suitable for lining packaging of high-end goods, and can also be used as carbon paper;
Type Ⅱ is suitable for lining packaging of general instruments and other commodities; Type Ⅲ is suitable for lining packaging of commodities.
Black opaque packaging paper is suitable for light-proof packaging paper for photosensitive materials such as photographic paper, motion picture film, X-ray film and 120 film.
9. Neutral packaging paper is used for packaging of military supplies, as well as for packaging aluminum products and instrumentation parts.
10. Non-heat-sealing tea filter paper is used for non-heat-sealing tea automatic packaging machines or manual packaging of tea or Chinese patent medicine filter bags
11. Anti-rust base paper is the base paper for making anti-rust paper.



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