Honeycomb Paper Making Machine

  • Honeycomb Paper Making Machine with web guiding
  • Honeycomb Paper Making Machine with web guiding
  • Honeycomb Paper Making Machine with web guiding
  • Honeycomb Paper Making Machine with web guiding
  • Honeycomb Paper Making Machine with web guiding
  • Honeycomb Paper Making Machine with web guiding
Honeycomb Paper Making Machine with web guiding Honeycomb Paper Making Machine with web guiding Honeycomb Paper Making Machine with web guiding Honeycomb Paper Making Machine with web guiding Honeycomb Paper Making Machine with web guiding Honeycomb Paper Making Machine with web guiding

Honeycomb Paper Making Machine with web guiding

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This machine is our another design with web guiding system and automatic lifting system in unwinding part.

Honeycomb paper is eco-friendly and cost effective alternative for plastic bubble wrap cushioning.It is easy to stretch,more soft and flexible,provide cushion protect without surface scratch.Finished products from this machine can be used to pack fruits,flowers,ceramics,glassware,etc.

Machine features

1. This machine is suitable for die cutting honeycomb paper,wrapping paper, shock-absorbing paper, kraft paper,fish net paper from 70g to 100g.

2. The unwinding,cutting and rewinding in one process.

3. Main motor equipped with Inverter for speed regulation.

4. Automatic ultrasonic web guide controller for unwinding.

5. Tension controlled by magnetic powder brake and clutch.

6. Automatic meter counting device,automatically stop after it reaches the length you set.

7. Pneumatic cylinder to control the cutting mould up and down.

8. Roll to sheet cutting is optional.(can match our paper wrapper)

Technical parameters

Machine model


Max material width

515mm (508mm/20inch and 380mm/15inch width most)

Machine working speed

0-200m/min adjustable

Unwinding diameter


Rewinding diameter


Unwinding roll weight

Max. 1 Ton

Unwinding shaft

3”inflatable air shaft

Rewinding shaft

1”/1.5”/2”/3” air shaft (choose either one,usually is 1.5”)

Machine size


Machine weight


Power supply

380V 3 Phase or as customer requirement

Honeycomb wrapping paper/honeycomb wrapping paper/honeycomb kraft paper/honeycomb kraft paper all can be done by our Honeycomb paper making machine and full automatic Honeycomb paper die cutting machine,it is a roll of kraft paper that is processed into honeycomb paper by special designed blade which is fixed in our Honeycomb paper forming machine, it is stretched to form an angular honeycomb unit, lined with a layer of soft white paper, and laminated to form a three-dimensional honeycomb liner. The wrapped object is not easy to shake, leak and scratch, and it has a good cushioning and protection effect. Honeycomb packaging paper is made of environmentally friendly kraft paper and processed through special equipment(if u need roll paper,then made by our Paper Honeycomb forming machine,if u need sheet by sheet to pack,made by our Honeycomb paper cutting machine,we have both one and two roll feeding design). It can be used independently or superimposed with white liner paper.

Before the honeycomb grid wrapping paper is formed by the Honeycomb kraft paper die cutting machine, its appearance is almost the same as that of ordinary cylindrical kraft paper. After the Paper Honeycomb making machine or manual stretching, it can extend between 1.4-1.7 times in length. Since the materials are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, they can reduce environmental pollution, reduce costs, and improve benefits.

Our company suggest customer to buy Honeycomb paper machine and then uses biodegradable honeycomb paper, honeycomb cushion, honeycomb cushion kraft paper cushion to provide protection for electronic product packaging, packaging medicines, art packaging, cosmetics packaging, gift packaging, fruit packaging, lighting packaging, etc. The honeycomb paper, honeycomb cushion, and honeycomb cushion kraft paper cushion are made of kraft paper, which will form a three-dimensional honeycomb cushion after stretching. Utilizing its physical structure and material properties, it can provide excellent cushioning and shock absorption effects for packaged goods and prevent scratches. With reasonable coverage, honeycomb cushions can provide excellent shock absorption for fragile goods, comparable to PE plastic inflatable bags and foam products.

Developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea have gradually begun to choose green cushioning packaging materials such as honeycomb kraft packaging paper/kraft paper cushions. The use of green packaging products is a company's responsibility to the country, ecology, and nature, and it is also a measure to win market respect. .

Honeycomb kraft paper forming machine is very easy to use. It can be placed on a flat surface and stretched out into a net shape, or placed on a special support. It has a good cushioning effect for various products and is extremely beautiful.

Applicable products: metal products, glass products, etc., electronic products, handicrafts, art, cosmetics, daily necessities, gifts, stationery, tobacco and alcohol, fruits, ceramics, etc.

It integrates buffer protection, beauty and environmental protection.

Honeycomb Wrapping Paper Advantages:

1. Green non-polluting virgin pulp paper is used, which is easy to degrade and environmentally friendly, recyclable and recyclable.

Honeycomb grid packaging paper packaging system conveys a sustainable development concept and provides a green solution packaging method. It is made of environmentally-friendly and degradable materials. In addition to environmental protection and recyclable characteristics, it provides green packaging solutions for various industries.

2. Beautiful, generous, and high-quality, with a high-quality appearance that other cushioning packaging does not have.Using honeycomb grid wrapping paper packaging can highlight the value and quality of the packaging, and at the same time bring a special unpacking experience to customers. Let customers truly experience the value of the purchased items and feel highly valued.

3. The packaging method is flexible, and the packaging effect can be arbitrarily exerted according to the size of the product.From the nature of packaging, the main goal is to play a protective role, thereby reducing the damage rate to a minimum. Honeycomb mesh kraft paper packaging provides your customers with suitable product packaging and good protection methods.

4. Flexible and efficient, save time

Flexible and efficient packaging methods for various items. The honeycomb paper packaging system(one Kraft Honeycomb paper cushion forming machine,one kraft paper wrapping machine or Honeycomb wrapping paper cutting machine to be one set system) can quickly and flexibly use product packaging, easily handle peak shipment periods, and improve efficiency.

Suitable for electronic product packaging, packaging medicine, artwork packaging, cosmetic packaging, gift packaging, fruit packaging, lighting packaging, etc.