Pre-opened Bag Making Machine

  • Multi-Lane Pre-opened Bag Making Machine
  • Multi-Lane Pre-opened Bag Making Machine
  • Multi-Lane Pre-opened Bag Making Machine
  • Multi-Lane Pre-opened Bag Making Machine
  • Multi-Lane Pre-opened Bag Making Machine
Multi-Lane Pre-opened Bag Making Machine Multi-Lane Pre-opened Bag Making Machine Multi-Lane Pre-opened Bag Making Machine Multi-Lane Pre-opened Bag Making Machine Multi-Lane Pre-opened Bag Making Machine

Multi-Lane Pre-opened Bag Making Machine

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Our newest multi-lane pre-opened bag making machine

Currently we developed our multi lane pre-opened bag making machine,one big width roll can be feeding to our bag machine and get more finished bag in roll such as 2 roll,3 roll and 4 rolls.

About the bigger width roll feeding,because usually customer have only one big width sheet film available after they get from printing machine,so this require our pre-opened bag on a roll making machine to form the sheet film to tube film first,then feed to our pre-opened bag converting machine to make bag in tube shape.So we add one side sealing blade onto the A frame folding part.But another question comes from customers is that they has new special requirement,if they want to make smaller width bag finished such as 5cm-12cm,shall they only have idea to feed such small width film?The answer is:No need.Because if do this,it will be problem for them and also take time for them to get such small width by slitting machine separately.So base on these questions,we have new idea to design 4 up multi-lane pre-opened poly bag on roll making machine,but feeding roll is still one big sheet film,this new technology solve customer problem easily.

About this new design 4 lines pre-opened bag making machine,most important is we add more heat sealing and slitting blade to make feeding mother roll to several small width tube first after they are folded by A frame, then by these small width tube,we do punching,sealing,perforation cutting and pre-open synchronously,finally we can get 1-4 rolls finished and rewinding to 1-4 shaft.This solution make our customer get much higher capacity on making small width bag by only one machine rather than one machine make one channel only or have to buy more sets bigger model machines to make smaller bag.Anyway,this design is better choice for the small bag making only.If make bigger width bag,our zig-zag folding pre-opened bag making machine and fanfold pre-opened bag on roll machine will be better choice.

The bag below is our another new design on our pre-open bag making machine,it has 2 sealing line,2 perforating line(one is top easy open line).

About the two sealing line,why customer choose two sealing lines,because they make mexico-hat punching/euro punching/banana punching/handle punching on the bag too,then after the bag finished item packing,it can be hung easily.

About the two perforating lines,they are on bag top and bottom,one is for normal pre-open inline on bag bottom when we do bag making,another is pre-cut perforating line on bag top for bag easy open when we finished packing item inside the bag.Also this pre-cut perforating line for bag easy open have two design,one is full bag width perforating,another is 60%-80% or more or less open.This can be adjusted by switching the perforating blade width(Double perforating blade we can offer in different width).

Performance And Characterlstics:
This pre-opened bag making machine/pre-opened bag on-a-roll making machine is our newest design machine,it has much functions as photoelectric automatic tracking microcomputer length setting,highlimit stopping,automatic counting,automatic alarm on reaching the set value,high compensation accuracy with such characteristics as neat bags,little error and high automatic of whole machine,so it is a kind of ideal equipment for producing pre-open bag to match the line of autobag,titan, sharp packing machine.



Max.width of Bag-making


Max.length of Bag-making


Max diameter of unwinding(can be special design)


Max diameter of rewinding(can be special design)


Max.speed of Bag-making

30-150 pcs/min

Paper core of unwinding(can be special design)

3inch (76mm)

Paper core of rewinding(can be special design)

3inch (76mm)

Thickness of film(single layer)


Electric Power

12 kw

Overall Dimensions




Technical implementation elements:
The purpose of the pre-opened bag making machine is to solve the above problems and shortcomings, to provide a single-sided pre-opened bag suitable for automatic feeding, automatic heat sealing and automatic cutting, which can be used with the machine, so as to save labor costs and improve work efficiency.The purpose of the utility model is achieved through the following technical solutions: a single-sided pre-opened bag, including several plastic bags, one side zigzag point connection between the plastic bag and the plastic bag, and the other side between the plastic bag and the plastic bag. With opening.Further, the single-sided pre-opened bag on-a-roll includes several plastic bags, one side between the plastic bags and the plastic bags is zigzag point connection, the other side is integrally connected with the upper and lower ends of the plastic bag and the plastic bag, and the middle is open. The one-piece connection length is 5mm.

Because the utility model adopts the above-mentioned packaging structure, the assembly line directly puts the articles into the plastic bag, and the machine automatically recognizes and completes the feeding action, performs heat sealing and cuts off the connection with the previous plastic bag. It can save post operators, and complete the packaging process by mechanical automation, improve work efficiency, and realize large-scale fully automated operations.

Our improvement on the pre-open bag converting machine bottom sealing

Usually the pre-opened roll bag bottom sealing is full line sealing but not special,but some customer require the bottom sealing line as dotted sealing,why customer sometimes choose this type sealing on our pre-open bag on-a-roll making machine? Because of sometimes the bag has less punching hole(usually has 4 holes but some only need 2 punching hole or hole diameter not big enough) to remove the air quickly when pack in our e-commerce autobag type packing machine,so they don’t need the bottom to be sealed as full size but sealed as dotted line,it means the air can be removed easily through this sealing line distance between each dot.But if customer also like to do the full size sealing without dotted on our pre-open bag converting machine,how to solve the problem?Well,It’s easy to switch the blade upside down,we have different sealing design onit.And also some special letter such as“ANTISTATIC” also can be designed to the sealing blade.Usually the blade draw is needed.